A world of agony

A right good laugh with agony aunts Jean Price and Raine Vincent

Humour with agony!

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself; I’m Ernestine Marsh and I am the author of ‘Agonising’ currently available in paperback from  Amazon and on Amazon Kindle (Free on unlimited).

This book contains the spoof problem pages of Jean Price and Raine Vincent. And the spats that happen between them. Raine is a fun loving and to coin a British phrase ‘rough as arseholes’ enthusiastic drinker and Jean is ‘retired’ headmistress, whose politics are to the right of Mussolini.

Raine, after finding fame as a reality TV star, was picked up to run the problem pages of ‘Hot Chat magazine’.

Jean was the star of a BBC documentary ‘School: A private affair’ and was asked to leave her post after it aired. Jean writes for the upmarket ‘Life of a Lady’ magazine.

Their tumultuous relationship comes to a head after they appear on a celebrity dinner party programme.

I must add that this book is not chick lit! It has a smattering of black humour! And bucketfuls of daftness.

About the author: Ernestine Marsh is a woman who has written a book. A notable quote from the author: I’m no Shakespeare, but neither was Carmen Miranda.

Celebrity reviews of Agonising (Disclaimer: These reviewees were contacted via seance):

Cicero: I laughed my socks off!

Alexander the Great: Reading this book was the hardest battle of my life.

Charles Dickens: Loved it. I’ve always been a fan of other people’s problems.

Albert Einstein: I wish I’d never learned to read.

From Agonising: ‘…………………………….of course your husband may want to murder you for the insurance money, but what marriage doesn’t have it’s ups and downs?’

I will be putting a few unpublished letters on here, in due course!

So if you fancy a bit more, then please zoom over to Amazon and buy me or download me.

Thanks ever so, Ernestine. Big kisses.









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